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G.R. Stob Mechanical Inc. has developed a strong and solid reputation for superior plumbing service since 1977. We have maintained a loyal customer base for over 37 years based on being honest, fair, and reliable with quality workmanship.

When you call us, be assured that our service technicians are well trained in every aspect of plumbing and sewer repair/installation. Our trucks have been compared to a rolling plumbing supply house ready to tackle any job!


We service all your plumbing needs for your home from repair to installation. Whether your toilet is running, your water heater is leaking, or your drain pipes are clogged, G.R. Stob Mechanical will show up on time with a

courteous and respectful Technician.



We specialize in commercial plumbing service for Restaurants, Schools, Hospitals, Assisted Living Facilities, Apartment Buildings, Malls, Retail Stores, and Grocery Stores. From urinals to

grease traps, G.R. Stob Mechanical will get your plumbing working again without out disrupting your business.



We also offer full service to Industrial locations such as Factories, Manufacturing Plants, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, and Office Buildings. We are experienced in installing and reparing industrial wash stations, boilers, gas generators, back-flow valves, and overhead wate piping. No job is too small for G.R. Stob Mechanical.


Now offering the following services!

Sewer Pipe Hydro-Jetting
Hydro Jetting is a process in which your sewer pipes are scoured by streams of high-pressure water shooting out of a hose at up to 4,000 psi. These high-pressure streams are strong enough to cut through and clear out any roots, grease, and debris in your sewer lines. The Hydro Jetting nozzle is placed at the "downstream" end of the plumbing system and it works its way "upstream" against gravity. That way, any debris that is cleared out by the Hydro Jetter will harmlessly flow downstream where the drainage path is already clear. The Hydro Jetters used by Angel Plumbers are capable of clearing out sewer lines over a length of several hundred feet. 

Sewer Pipe Inspection Camera
Our Closed Circuit Television Video (CCTV) pipe inspection process involves sending a camera through sewer lines to examine the state of the pipes from within. Upon review of these videos, we are able to identify, in extreme detail, any deficiencies in the sewer system. CCTV inspection also allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of various maintenance procedures.

Emergency Battery Sump Installation

With the recent torrential rains, the amount of flooded basements and crawl spaces has risen considerably costing home owners thousands of dollars in water damage of walls, furniture, and flooring. Now you can have peace of mind and save money and heartache. Call us now to have your emergency sump pump ProPak unit installed today!